Pucker up, Beautiful. (cutevampkitty) wrote in allthingscutesy,
Pucker up, Beautiful.

Want list/Feedback

-Mac eyeshadow (Any thick, rich and neon colors. I want something that really shows up.) (Bought on ebay.)
-body jewelry (Anything interesting!! Especially for ears.)
-Piercing needles (Professional ones only, thanks.)
-DIY clothes. (Or anything gothic, fruitsy or alternative!!! I love clothes.)
-Boots or shoes!! Anything leopard, plaid, black and oh-so-pretty-punk. O_o;
-Long blonde dreads! (Or any dreads, really. Other then blue or black...I have enough of those!)
-Cyber goggles
- Any neon makeup (Don't care about brand names.)

That's about it. Unless you think you might have something else I would want. :) I'm really interested in dread extentions, dread falls, DIY, wigs, etc. Anything alternative. I really just want to trade!

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Feedback may be placed here also! :) If you've bought anything from me then people comment here. (I also have good feeback on Ebay - Internalclock and my old selling journal Toots.)

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Hi there!
I have some gothic clothing in my journal if you're still interested. and a pair of boots, too :]
Please let me know if you're interested in anything or not.
I want *so* many of your shirts. XD You lucky woman! But sadly, Unless you want to trade then I can't. :/ Running low on money this month.

Besides the things on my journal I also have this stuff for sale:
Aw, I'm really sorry, but I couldn't find anything that I really need at the moment. The wigs are so cute! but I don't think it would suit me too well :P
Well, these clothes have been on my journal for a while, and they'll probably stay there for a while, so next month if you have extra to spend, you can check it out again ;]
Thanks for your time!
i have a pair of white/black dreadfalls ive only worn once for sale. plus a good amt of fishnet shirts. and random bondage straps
I didn't see anything but jewellery on your LJ...are they posted somewhere else? :) I would love to see pictures.

Would you like to trade? If so, I have some better things for trade on Heavenly hair. I'll link you to it, if you like.
i need to get the pics of it all..
you can link me to the other site.
though im more interested in selling.. need to pay my car payment..(lame i know)

lol! I know what you mean. XD I only ever buy things if it's a *must have or I'll die* kinda thing because of bills and what not.
got a leopard top and some other stuff at my journal sweetfm perhaps would interest you ? =)
Sorry, I didn't see anything that I really wanted. Thanks, anyway! :)