Pucker up, Beautiful. (cutevampkitty) wrote in allthingscutesy,
Pucker up, Beautiful.

Mac make-up & more stuff...

Mac make-up. :) Make an offer. (The one on the end is PURPLE, btw. And has double what the others do because I had two. I can't wear these because my eyes are allergic to the glitter. -_-; Make an offer. (3£ for shipping on all three.)

Greenish/blue eyeshadow with mememe on the front of the case. :) Never been used...got it for christmas. 1£ plus 2£ for shipping.

Jewellery or small object holder. :P lol. Beautiful dragon on top. 6£ (Possibly 4£ for shipping. If any offers are made we'll check this out because it is a heavy object.)

Cute hand made hat. :) 2£ plus 2£ for shipping.

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