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Clothes and jewellery!

Beautiful choker. Only 1£ pluys 1£ for postage costs. :)

Sterling silver earrings from clares! Only 2£ (Plus 1£ for shipping).

Cute star earrings. 2£ plus 1£ for shipping.

1£ plus 1£ for shipping. (I will haggle a little because the black rings are missing.)

Size 11 (Canadian) green pants. :) They're really soft and flexible. Brand new only worn at the store to try them on and for this picture...As you can see they're way too tight.  Only 6£! Plus 4£ for shipping.

(Sorry for the wrinkles. XD I hope to get an iron for the wedding. lol!) Anyway, Soft pink canadian size medium dress. With beautiful frills at the bottom...it flows lovely around the knees. 10£ plus 4£ for shipping.  SOLD (Lena x)

15£ (Including stockings) And 4£ for shipping. (I'm a size medium...31 inches around the waist and 41 inches at the hips. It fits me perfectly. Could go slightly bigger.)

UK size 14 purple corset. There aren't any stains on it but my camera made it appear that way. O_o; Anyway, it curves in nicely at the waste and is such a cute top. 4£ plus 2£ for shipping.

Beautiful green jacket. :) 10£ plus 5£ for shipping. (I might be able to get a better deal on shipping. Just depends on packaging, really.) 

"Cowboys make better lover" Size medium. Been worn a few times but in great shape. :) 4£ plus 3£ for shipping.

Cute pink top. It says it's a size L (Canadian) but it's definately a small large...Maybe even a medium. Very cute pattern and strings that tie around the back. The part that meets in the front by the neck has come lose a tiny bit but i'm going to have my fiance's mum (Who's a seamstress) stick it up securely before shipping it out. :) 4£ plus 2£ for shipping.

Green t-shirt. It has no size on the tag for some odd reason (Maybe I removed another one at some point.) but I know it's a canadian size medium. :) Because that's my normal size. 4£ plus 2£ for shipping. (Btw, It's not faded at all. It's like brand new. My camera has a really harsh flash, though.) (On hold)

Size small t-shirt with grumpy bear on it. Same as above...4£ plus 2£ for shipping. And once again...No faded parts. it's practically brand new. :) I rarely wore it.

Zebra-ie print tights. :) Only been worn once or twice but they're not really me. My fiance found them in his attic with a bunch of other ones. Woo for random clothes. Anyway, 1£ plus 1£ for shipping. (On hold)

1£ each. :) Plus 2£ for shipping.

7£ plus 4£ for shipping. :) They're not heavy but I'll have to buy stuff to pack them up. (On hold)

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